Balance Bodywork: Location

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balance bodywork

23 Old Town Square
Fort Collins, CO  80524

Appointments: 970.829.1292

The entrance to our space is located on the northwest side of Old Town Square, just inside Trimble Court. You'll see an entrance to Trimble Court between Cira and The Rec Room:

Trimble Court Old Town Square

Once you walk through into Trimble Court, our entrance is just to the left. Here's a photo from the vantage point of Trimble Court Artisans:

Old Town Square

Enter through that brown doorway on the right, and take the stairs or the elevator up. When you reach the second floor, turn right and walk through the doorway, then continue to the right and you're in our waiting area.

waiting area

Have a seat, relax, and your therapist will be out to greet you at your appointment time.


If you get lost the first time, don't fret - just call or text your therapist and we'll come find you!

Shannon: (970) 231-7689

Jamye: (970) 556-3050